Melinda K. Hall
2000 show
"Paris: Coloring outside the Lines"

In "Paris: coloring outside the lines",  a one woman exhibit opening in August 2000, Hall juxtaposes her quirky, naïve observations to the cosmopolitan underpinnings of France's City of Light.  And despite the oftem gloomy, overcast weather one can encounter there, in Hall's work the sun seems to be shining most of the time.  It's evident that this Francophile gets joy from whtat she observes, be it from the crowded skies of Charles deGaulle airport or from the bowels of the Metro, listening to a wanna be Edith Piaf.  By means of Hall's affiche-style guided tour one can see gardens, and couture, the Seine and the brothel district under a whole new, raw light.