Melinda K. Hall, Artist


July 1, 2022

Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art
702 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico

My 2022 exhibit, "Openings", is a collection of work painted in the year following the death of my husband, Gary, in June 2021. Even in grief, there is so much to celebrate. Being open to all experiences has been paramount to my healing process. That feeling, that necessity, that awareness of its importance, became the direction for this show, underscoring how the notion of opening, touches our lives in so many ways.

                Opening night?
                An unveiling?
                Draw that curtain back,
                there is always light
                in tight, dark quarters.
                Draw a joyous breath,
                lay bare your tender soul
                and openly accept,
                if but the smallest proof,
                the sun has pierced
                the stone.

                                  melinda k. hall
                                         june 2022