Melinda K. Hall
summer 2007 show
"Basic Fruit: Odd Pomology"
Fruit is the staple of Melinda's latest body of work, "Basic Fruit: Odd Pomology" - an exhibit opening July 16, 2007.

Although inspired by the precise engravings of 18th and 19th century horticultural artists, she admits her study is hardly scientific but rather a thoughtful cultivation of her own quirky crop. From musings on mythology and history to farm and market, and even the delights of daily consumption, Hall combines wit and a mouth-watering palette to portray Goddess Pomona's pleasure-laden harvest.

If you're looking for a predictable fruit-in-bowl still life you won't find any in this exhibit, but rather in typical Hall-fashion, paintings that challenge us to consider universal subjects in a different, fresh light.