Melinda K. Hall
"My New Mexico Notebook, Vol. 1"   (2017)

Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art
702 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Opening reception: July 1, 2016
5-7 pm

Artist's statement:

In the evenings, sitting on my patio, I look out over Santa Fe to the nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains, awash in the graduated, red-rose hues of another alpenglow sunset. Shadows cast on adobe walls in the foreground, highlight shades of ochre, sienna, and umber, reflecting the soil of our terrain and above, the mottled, cerulean blue sky, reigns over our incomparable landscape. No wonder artists and writers have responded through the decades to the pull of this magnetic, magical place, each taking their turn interpreting this land and the ensuing cultures that have taken root here.

I have lived in New Mexico for more than 40 years. I've taken note of my experiences in this environment, filling the volumes of mental journals with recollections and observations seen through the lens of my quirky perspective. It is finally time to put thoughts to canvas! Here then is My New Mexico Notebook: vol. 1; this is only a beginning...

Melinda K. Hall
Santa Fe, N.M.